Thinking about starting your own business ?

Are you one of those people who are passionate about starting own business and chasing freelance work opportunities ? If yes, then you are on the right page.

Entrepreneurship, being the hottest occupation, demands heaps of dedication and effort, whether it’s about starting a home business, starting an online business Or anything about how to become self employed.

I was also suffering from the same craze and I was too much into googling online money making ideas. But finally, I opted Freelancing jobs as my 'Gateway' to jumpstart online business. This way starting a small business helped me win plenty of freelancing projects by experimenting different techniques that made me look different from others in front of clients.

Therefore, I decided to compile all My Real Experiences and to transform them in the form of this ebook. The freelancing professionals (e.g. Designers, Developers, Writers and others) can map these techniques and scenarios to their own professions. In this book, I have explained those tips & techniques, quoting my Real Scenarios (not just examples) with the topics where I was successful. Besides discussing the winning strategies, I have also discussed the “Dispute Resolution” techniques, because it is also a part of freelancing business.

Although there are several websites and platforms out there like Elance/Upwork/ODesk etc where you can see theoretical FAQs about how to start freelancing. But practically, very few people know the winning techniques, whether it’s about starting a web design business, hunting PHP/.Net projects or any kind of freelance work.

The core of every business is “Selling”. Unfortunately, a lot of technical people don’t have a precise idea about this art of selling. Same was the case with me, but the difference is just that I kept trying and was successful to try different techniques and observed which technique is most useful in which scenario for winning the project.

So all in all, this book is a must read for ALL the communities of freelancers, because it doesn’t discuss the technology, but freelancing business skills. I am pretty sure that after reading this book, you will be ready for starting your own business and you will Not look at Freelancing the same way you do now.


What this E-Book is all about

This is not just a book, but 'Techniques with Real Stories'. Rather than explaining typical theories of “5 Steps” or “10 Steps” to do something, this e-book gets straight to the point, and explains following, but not limited to that:

Understanding client’s psychology
Proposal formats that trigger client’s response
Intelligently playing price negotiation game
Different Strategies from "Submitting Proposal" to "Winning Projects"
How to make returning clients
Smart approaches to overcome freelancing hurdles where others fail

What The Readers Are Saying

Such an impressive reference work! It felt like the book is telling my problems in freelancing and the solutions really changed my approach. I could never find this combination of practical strategies in any online article.


Faisal Akhter

Software Freelancer, Australia

This is best book I've read on freelancing, and I've read quite a few! Everything is laid out clearly with all the important knowledge and practical advice needed to start your own freelancing lifestyle. A MUST for any entrepreneur wanting to succeed online.



CEO at 8 Dollar Websites, United States

Very clear and immediately useful advice for the online entrepreneur. I loved the practical tips always followed up by the authors direct experience. Highly recommended!


David Leckenby

CRM Manager, Australia

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About The Author


Mustafa Parekh

The author of this book, Mustafa Parekh is located in Australia and primarily belongs to IT/Software industry, but is not limited to that.

He started his career as a designer (for Web) and then made his progression towards Software Development. He worked for different IT companies in key technical roles and positions. In parallel to his job, he started Freelancing and made a remarkable chain of clients in very short span of time.

After all that success, the author decided to compile his Real Experiences (that includes Winning Projects, Client Dealing, Pricing Tactics etc) in the form of this e-book, for others’ benefit.


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